Masarrat Misbah- Perfect Wear eyeliner

Hi all,

A very long awaited post, of the product I actually bought in very hurry :P, When I heard about Masarrat misbah makeup lounge I was so desperately wanted to try anything from the collection, but as I was full of cosmetics I couldn’t decide what to try. In meanwhile my Yves Saint Laurent eyeliner start drying up and I got an idea to try its eyeliner.

I regularly visit deplix Bahadarabad branch so it was not a hurdle for me to make this purchase.

Lets start with its packaging.



I got the product in paper bag which has MM logo on it nothing else, while the liner have too many text adjusted on a small area 😀 the liner is very small in quantity and its of black plastic packaging which I don’t like.

Apart from the packaging when I open it my first impression was not good, since I was comparing it with my Yves Saint Laurent baby doll eye liner. Later on when I used it I was really amazed by its ease of use and its awesome result. the brush was slightly thick than my other liners but its just too easy to get any look.

I never found winged liner to be that easy to apply 😀



The staying power was amazing, plus how easily it can be use is just make it perfect for everyday use.


You may like it:

Reasonable price

Easily available

Easy to use

Staying power

Water proof

Smudge proof



You may Not like it:

Less quantity

Packaging is not so apealing

The liner is little shiny


I hope this review will help you if you are planning to buy a new eye liner, share your experience in the comment section.

This beauty is available at following places:

Depilex Bahadurabad

Scentsation EBCO

Depilex Z. Commercial

Al-Fatah Store DHA

Sante The Salon

I bought it for “550” from Depilex Bahadurabad branch.














Hi all,

Today my post is consist of three lipsticks I have from Revlon color Lustrous collection. Before jumping to the details I would like to drag your attention towards the Revlon official site. The site is so amazing for choosing perfect lip color online. It have all skin tones (possibly) wearing the shade you are selecting so you can have a better idea of how the shade will suits you.

As the name defines, the lipsticks are glossy and a bit shimmery. Personally I am matte lover but the shades were so tempting that I cant stopped myself from buying.

It has wide range of colors to choose from. I picked Red Lacquer, Fuchsia fusion, and Love that Pink.


Let’s starts with the packaging. The packaging is very attractive for me. The golden and black combination makes it so royal and very eye tempting.

The lid had a glass on the top, so you don’t need to open the lid to see the shade, which is a good point.





The texture of the product is very creamy, easily glides on lips, smooth application and great color pay off. I must say that it keeps my lips hydrating too and I don’t feel chapped lips.

It didn’t settled into the fine lines and gives very smooth look.

Red Lacquer


The best pick from the collection and which is by the way my every day use product is Red lacquer. When I ordered first two, I was reluctant to buy Red Lacquer, because of the shade it seems in picture, and unfortunately I didn’t check its website and missed this amazing shade. The shade is the best match for my skin tone I have found so far. It is a very safe coral color to start with, in fact more on the orange side. I really love this shade as it brightens my face and my mood too 😀 The color is so refreshing that with minimal makeup and even no makeup I feel so bright.

Fuchsia Fusion

Second one in my list is Fuchsia fusion. This shade is bright Fuchsia plum and perfectly suitable for night outs. However the color seems so bright for day time indoor occasions.

The color goes good with almost every skin tone as it is again very safe plum fuchsia. In fact if you are afraid of bright colors this would be a good pick to start with.

With a single coat or little tapped with tissue the colors goes even better for the beginner of bright colors.

Love that Pink

The third from the list is Love that pink. This is a very tricky color for my skin tone. It is very bright pink, I must say it is more close to shocking pink. The color looks so vibrant and my face complexion goes dull with it. Personally I am not afraid of bright shades but this shade really makes me look dull if not handles properly.

I used this lip shade with estee lauder tea rose (check review here) and the shade turned out to be perfect for my skin tone.


Swatches from top to bottom Red Lacquer, Fuchsia fusion, Love that pink


My final verdict for the quality is its worth having, the staying power is good, even after 6 hours of application it leaves a tinted shade behind.

Variety of shades available and its economical too.

If you’re a fond of glossy lipsticks then this would be the best to start with.

Good Factor:

  • Beautiful shades
  • Good pigmentation
  • Reasonable price
  • Good staying power of 4-5 hours with eating
  • Creamy texture
  • Nice shimmer
  • Nice packaging


Sad Factor:

  • I couldn’t found any


Revlon is available online and at Scentsation dolmen mall Clifton and hyderi. Also available at aghaz super market. Which is your favorite Ravlov Product, have you tried any of them?  Don’t forget to share your reviews with me

Stay Blessed

Tips to winterise yourself

Hello my beauty bees

The winter is finally here with its chilling breeze and dryness. It is very important to take care of your hands and feet along with the face. Today I will share some tips I personally follow to make my hands, feet and nails winter friendly 😀
Being very busy person it is very difficult for me to meet up with the winter requirements, I follow the simple yet effective routine. Nails are very important parts and the most ignorant one two. We often pay attention to hands and feet, leaving the nails behind.

Here is the quick tutorial on how you can take care of your nails


By following the simple tips you can have shining nails and perfect looking hands 😀

Clip and shape:

Don’t forget to clip your nails timely and shape them to whatever shape you like.

Don’t forget the Cuticles:

Cut off your cuticles regularly. It can be useful if dip your hands in warm water adding few drops of olive oil in it. This will really make your cuticles soft and easy to cut off. It is also suggested to apply any good cuticle softener before going to bed

Keep your self, healthy and clean. In any beauty regime cleanness is the first step. Keep your hands and feet clean, and well moisturize. Its good to have proper manicure and pedicure at least once a month. The best time to moisturize your body is “The Bed Time”. Don’t forget to wash your hands and feet and moisturize them with any good moisturizer before going to bed, Glyserine mixed with rose water, few drops of lemon and fresh cream can be a best home made moisturizer. This will not only helps you to soften your hands and feet but also improves the skin tone . With a little effort and time for your self, your hands and feet can be as perfect as your face 🙂

After pampering my self


You can also put any good nail color on your nails to make your hands and feet even more attractive. I would like to share some of my favorite shades from “Julep” collection. To make the selection easier for you :). Have a look



Be sure to check out their entire nail polish collection which is by the way worth having.
I hope these simple tips will build an healthy habit of keeping your self clean and beautiful. Don’t forget to share your winter routine, love to hear from you.

With love




Jo’s Organic Beauty- Turmeric Mix and Whitening and Rejuvenating Soap

Hi beauty bees

Hope you all are enjoying the chilling breeze. My today post is about my newest obsession, Its “Turmeric Mix” by “Jo’s Organic Beauty”.

When I ordered the product I was not sure of how awesome the experience will turn out, the page was new for me and the product as well. I  asked the page owner to suggest me any product for my skin problem and she suggested me this, and this turns out to be my everyday use product 😀


When I received my parcel including Turmeric Mix, Oatmeal and Green tea mask and Whitening and Rejuvenating soap, my first impression was “Gosh!! what I had done with my money”. The products came in shoppers with the card at the back which clearly defines the usage of the product along with its benefits. My disappointment increases as I thought its plain Gram flour “Besan”  mixed with turmeric



When I pour out the product I found some red particles in it, proceeding further I add rose water to make a paste BTW milk and yogurt can also be used as mention on the card but my initial try was with rose water, I saw some other ingredients too. Although I can’t judge all of them but it includes saffron along with turmeric and gram flour.


Knowing the fact that it includes other ingredients as well actually reduce my disappointment :D. Application was easy and smooth and when I wash my face after 20 minutes, the results were so awesome, the glow, the softness everything was just so perfect. It gives the perfect radiance to face, leaving skin smooth and clear behind. Its one of the products I am completely satisfied with and keep stocking too 😀 I haven’t ended my one packet and I have 2 more in stock 😀

The second purchase was again on the suggestion of the owner, as per the owner it gives the best result with turmeric mix for a glowing skin.


The soap comes in pair, and its not so appealing to eyes :-/ neither the soap nor the packing 😀 but thats not the point if the product works so great. I ordered it in summers and again the ingredients shown on it make me confuse either to use it or not. Since my skin is prone to acne, I need to keep my skin oil free in summers, and it contains glycerine. I didn’t use it for some time and then thought to give it a try. The foams are of blackish brown color, and it makes fairly good foams which I personally like. When  I wash my face I felt my skin very smooth and soft but didn’t felt any of the oily thing on my skin, which is a plus point. The soap and mask is with me from last 2 months and now the season has changed and its winter, with dryness ofcourse but surprisingly washing my face with this soap keeps my skin hydrated and I don’t feel any sign of dryness.

It was my first experience of purchasing any herbal product online and I must say it turned out so pleasant, for me I simply can’t stop using these two especially.

The turmeric mix cost me PKR-/600 and soap pair cost me PKR-/300

Tell me your favourite herbal products, do visit  this awesome facebook page “Jo’s organic beauty” to order something to treat your skin.

Drop me your feedback, your comments means a lot for me

Stay blessed



Himalaya Herbals- Almond and Cucumber Peel Off Mask

Hi Beauty Bees

Hope you all are good. Today the product I have for you people is my first pick from the category, I never used any kind of peel off mask before and this was just an accident pick. I went to buy Himalaya neem face pack and ends up with buying this 😀

Well I am always concern about how this peeling effect will leave your skin since it can be very painful if you have hairs on skin like I have. But I decided to try this one.



The packaging is quite simple, following the same theme of himalaya herbals. When I open the lid I found the hole is very big, but the product is little sticky so I found it   OK.



Now the product, the product have sticky, honey kind of texture which is hard to swipe on face so be careful don’t put so many product at one place thinking to spread it, the product is so sticky and hard to spread.

Well I first apply it on, I can literally figure out the ingredients it have :D, well I don’t find any thing bad about the product except the fact that it is peel off mask and peeling is painful for an hairy girl like me.

The after effect of the mask is good, it leaves the skin soft and fresh. More clear, pores especially nose area seems clearer.

My final verdicts for the product is yes its good to use, but I cant use it since I have facial hairs and it seriously made me cry when I peeled it off.

Happy Factor:

Easily available


Don’t have any odour

Leave skin clearer

Bad Factor:

Peeling is painful

Don’t forget to share your comments with me, which himalaya product you have used and how was your experience !!


Nina Lotia- A Visit to Remember

So finding a right place to get pampered from is always my biggest concerns, and I really felt this missing component in beauty blog world. Trying out different salons is cost and time taken activity, so this can be a good idea if one share the experience and other learn from it 😀

So lets start with my experience at Nina Lotia salon and spa.

Lets start with the infrastructure of the building




The building was nice, and well decorated. There were 4 floors, well actually I liked the idea of distributing floors with respect to different services they offered, the more interesting part was the payment also done on respective floor counters.



Ok so now the services I avail from them

  • Regular meni,pedi
  • Nail colour application
  • Hair wash
  • Hair protein treatment
  • Hair cut
  • Face polish  and
  • Waxing

When I entered the premises I was welcomed by the receptionist and was guided ahed towards the first floor. I got hair wash and hair cut from first floor. The hair wash was fairly good and I actually enjoyed but hair cut was a total disaster :(. I actually was concerned about my length and the solution she proposed was total flop, I ended up looking like a cartoon 😦 The front section of my hairs have no connection with the rest of my hairs *sigh*

After having this flop, I moved ahead for the waxing, since I am kinda lazy person, I usually pilled up bunch of services and then go for them at once. Well when I entered the waxing room, I noticed it was very untidy, although she cleaned up the area but I wasn’t satisfied. The gown she gave me to wear was not a fresh piece which also low down my morale. After having my wax done, I Moved for the meni pedi.

The girl was about to start the services and she actually had cut the nails and suddenly a “Regular Customer” came in, and guess what she left me as I was and moved to that lady which was actually very insulting. Any how I waited for some one to attend me but 3 girls were attended that “Regular Customer” and I was in queue, on complaining she immediately arrange a girl for my meni and one for he pedicure.





The pedicure was really good, I enjoyed the massage, the nail filing, shaping, and nail colour application but again menicure was total opposite. The girl completely destroyed my nails shape, then another girl came to fix the dent which was not fixable for one hand. The menicure was disaster just from the start, the massage was done with very least heart, the nail colour application was also very rough.



Then I moved to my face polish, which was actually very good. I enjoyed the service but the noise coming from the outside of room was so disturbing that it didn’t allow me to relax, for me the environment counts as much as the services, and I must say the environment was very noisy. The staff was loud, the customers were loud, I was unable to understand how people relax during facials.

Then the hair protein came, I simply love the hair massage she gave me during that. The shoulder massage was also a plus point. After that I get a blow dry and it was again average.

If I would summarise my whole trip I would say its not a place for a person like me who request to slow down the music right after entering any salon. Well for me a soothing environment counts as much as the services. The services again were not so extra ordinary in fact most of the services were just average or even below average.

Whats your favourite place to get pampered from, do share your thoughts. Your comments means alot to me.

Stay Blessed and don’t forget to like my Facebook page.

Sephora cream lip stain- Endless Pink


Hi everyone,

Hope you all doing good, today post is a pick from my recent hauls. I am kind of a girl who love lip stains and gloss more than lipsticks because of the applicators, but I surely don’t like that gloss all the time. So my search was to have a matte finish with that applicator and luckily it got ended so well when I found this beauty.

It offers good quantity of shades to choose from, I picked up Endless Pink.

Image took from Sephora website
Image took from Sephora website


The packaging is very simple, elegant yet attractive. I love the product since i saw it.

Its a nice but dark pink shade, more of a fuchsia. The finish is just so satin that I felt in love with it, it glides so smoothly and buttery on lips and feel so light.

In day Light
In day Light

It color pay off is amazing a small amount is enough to transfer full coverage colour on my lips and I simply love this factor. The above image is how it looks under a sunlight.

Inside the room
Inside the room

The above image is taken inside the room. Apart from its awesome color pay off, the staying power is also very impressive, I applied it for straight 9 hours with slight eating and drinking and it was pretty much there, even when it fades out it leaves a very nice pink shade behind, and lot of lovely glitter which I actually never noticed when the colour is there.

For the final verdict I would say I am simply in love with this product and surely try more colors from its range. I bought it online from “Amor” for about 1700 PKR. I must say you should visit this awesome page and have some colors for your self too 🙂

Have you tried any shade from Sephora cream lip stain !! any recommendation for my next purchase ??


Happy Factor:

Smell nice

Lovely shade

Easy to apply

So smooth

Light on lips

Great staying power


Sad Factor:

Not available in local market in Pakistan

You may feel it expensive

My August Haul

Hi beautiful ladies,

August has been passed but I was so busy that couldn’t share the most awesome products I got during August. Like most of my hauls this one is too includes my online shopping and some my pick from local drug store.

Lets start with my online purchases


I Re-Discover a very lovely facebook  page “Amor”, I made an purchase with them earlier that was RT Core collection brush set and now this haul is again from that page.

The haul includes my long awaiting wish list:

MAC Strobe cream

Sephora cream lip stain in endless pink

Benefit They are real push up liners

Benefit high beam

The Original Beauty Blender

Now the products I bought from Imtiaz super market Defence branch



This haul includes following amazing skin care products:

Freeman Clay mask

Olay 7 in 1 day moisturiser

Olay 7 in 1 eye firming cream

Garnier gel brush cleanser

Saeed Ghani Rose water

Another mini haul I purchased from Scensation from Dolmen mall City.



This includes my most favorite foundation Revlon color stay in medium beige and Color studio Professional Blush on in Audacious orange

The final and last haul is from Imitiaz Super market located near Awami markaz




This includes:

Rimmel Eye cohl pencil with smudger

Essence nail color in baby pink

Olivia nail paint remover

Essence eyebrow pencil

Diana of london face primer


That was my most favorite haul so far, simply love each and everything I got Alhumdulillah.

Which is your favorite product? have you tried anything from my collection yet!! how was your experience. Do share your views with me

Stay Blessed

Garnier- The Brusher Gel Cleanser Deep Cleansing Formula

Hi All,

After a long time finally I am again with a new product review, its one of its kind lolz. Well I heard about the facial cleanser systems, and wanted to have one that should be affordable and easily available. Unfortunately I didn’t find any product available locally in Pakistan I was about to order Olay face cleansing system when I saw this in the market.

Its not exactly similar to those cleansing systems as its not operate able by any battery or there is no machine fit it, its a manual to use product.


The green colour bottle have the brush head at the top and gel inside. The “how to use” portion written on the bottle explained the usage really well, but I use it little differently.



Remove the cap, Place the brush under running water, twist the brush head in the direction mentioned in the bottle, squeeze the bottle and take the needed amount out and then swirl the brush in round motions. The gel will make foams and small amount will make quite well foams, the smell is so pleasant, the brush is so soft that it actually make me feel so relax. The product has amazing immediate results, when I wash my face I found my skin more soft, radiant and clear. I simply in love with this pocket friendly product.

Its oil free and perfect for me in summers especially.

Happy Factor:

Clear Oil and dirt from skin without making it dry

Leave skin smooth

Leave skin soft

Make skin more radiant

Smell so good

Brush is so soft

Easy to use, wash and keep

Sad Factor:

If not properly handle then more than required amount of gel can come out of the bottle


Have you used this amazing product, will love to listen from you.

Stay Blessed