The Body Shop- Born Lippy


Hi girls,
This time I want to share my experience with you regarding this cute product that called “Born Lippy” By The Body Shop.
I have this is strawberry flavour:-D


Well its near to end 😀 I did a pretty good job with this one 😉 I went to body shop to get my tea tree items and just got so much attracted by this cute little product.
The product packaging really deserve 5/5. Now the product quality, hmm the smells is just so strawberry I love that. While on my lips it continously make me remind strawberry:-D it’s a nice glossy product with a little colour touch of red which looks good and natural on lips. The product somehow don’t stay for long as I need to reapply it after every hour usually in winters. Overall I like the product but I probably won’t buy this again because I need to apply it with a finger which I personally don’t like and i need to reapply it after every hour which is annoying :-<
I give it 3/5, you too share your experiences in the comment section below

Happy factor:

Nice smell
Give a natural pink effect
Moisturise well

Sad factor:

Have to apply with finger
Need to aplly after every hour


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