ELF- Shimmering Facial Whip

Hi dolls,

Today post is about my biggest obsession in all the cosmetics stuff, O yess Its the face highlighter :). I simply love that glowing effect mua creates with the help of bronzing and highlighting. I was in search of  a good highlighter from a quite long time unfortunately MAC highlighter is not available in Pakistan, at least I couldn’t found it.

I saw it in online store and made the purchase since it was so fascinating.




Honestly speaking when I ordered this I wasn’t assuming it to be that much small tube *sigh* but yeah the size is damn small but since its liquid product its quite sufficient for me.

It comes in a plastic box which was not a very much attractive apparel for me, the tube is simple plastic transparent tube, showing the colour and texture of the product.






It comes with a nossel which is very good in dealing the product, and believe me the drop that comes out from this so much little nosel is enough for getting a perfect glowing effect. I tried little more quantity and it makes me look like a clown 😦




The product is not very runny, for me it makes the application easier, it is not so think not so runny somewhere in between these two texture.  It has a very natural pink color which really looks very good with shimmery effect it has.






The above image is blended one, I haven’t completely blend it since it was not visible in the image so I leave the blend at this point. The finish is very fine, natural and smooth. It can be applied directly onto the specific areas to highlight or can be mixed in BB cream or foundation for the complete coverage. I prefer to use it in mixing with my all time love “Garnier BB cream” or “Artdeco- long lasting foundation”  as per the event I am getting ready for, and the finish was such a nice healthy glow, that I received compliments from everyone :D.

My final verdicts on this is yeah I like this product, if you are good with liquid highlighter then this one is good and reasonable.

I bought it online from BeautyinBudget4You.

Happy Factor:

Naturally pink color

Natural Glow

Not overly shimmery

Can be apply alone as well as mixed with foundation/BB cream

Nosel really controls the quantity of the product well


Sad Factor:

Tube is very small as it seems like a sample product.

Have you tried any of the elf studio product, which one is your favorite !!

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4 thoughts on “ELF- Shimmering Facial Whip

  1. I have recently baught Elf make up mist and set.. I have used it two or three times.. and it works great for me in the hot and humid climet of Hyderabad


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