Fashionista Award

Howdy Girls,

I am so glad that in such a short time I have been awarded by “Fashionista Award” by sweet  Rikzah zia of  “Lost in My Dream Land“, if you haven’t checked her blog yet, do check its really have good stuff. For rules anf further information about this award head towards



Lets start with the questions she asked from me:

1) What motivated you to start blogging?

My passion for cosmetics and skin care, and my talkative nature. I always want to let the world  know about my experience with the stuff i used

2) Favorite movies?

I am not a movie person
3) What is you’re dream career?

Its the one I am having, Software Engineer 🙂
4) Top wish list items at the moment?

Its channel foundation, BB cream by MAC, Revlon lip butter and Urban Decay Naked 3
5) Favorite television shows?

6) What store do you find yourself shopping in the most?

Its usually the stores having cosmetics, skin care, bags or cloths 😀
7) Favorite fashion designers?

HSY, Amir adnan and Armani
8) Describe you’re dream vacation?

Its at the hill station, at some peaceful place far from the hectic life of city
9) What are the goals for you’re blog?

I want to be an internationally recognize blogger and to be most useful
10) If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

No one 😛


Here are my nominated lovely bloggers:




Maleeha Asif

Amuleta beauty

Annie’s Beauty

the fashion glitter

The Queen of Beauty

The makeup saga

Live life love lipstick


HAve fun beauties ❤






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