My June Haul

Hi ladies,

Well a late one seriously but I couldn’t get enough time for posting my biggest haul, I am not sure yet if I have covered everything or i missed some item 😀



Well its again a mix of online shopping and my own picks.

First start with the online shopping, the items bought with the facebook pages name.

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set (Amor)

Revlon Lip Balms in Honey and  Rendezvous  (The Brand Hub)

Beauty blender dupe and MAC strobe cream dupe (Beauty Tips)

Well now my own picks

Etude loose eye shadows

Safrona Loose face shimmer

Real technique blush brush dupe

Ferrarucci Germany 12 shades concealer palette

Fashiony Colour lipstick in dark maroon and orchid

luscious blush on

Hope you will like my haul, I am loving each and everything I bought 😀 was afraid when buying the dupes, but they seriously have changed my mind. They worked so super that I am totally in love with them.

Have you ever tried any dupe? Hows your experience with it !!

Don’t forget to like my facebook page, and please do share your views. Your comments means alot to me.

Stay Blessed




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