Garnier- The Brusher Gel Cleanser Deep Cleansing Formula

Hi All,

After a long time finally I am again with a new product review, its one of its kind lolz. Well I heard about the facial cleanser systems, and wanted to have one that should be affordable and easily available. Unfortunately I didn’t find any product available locally in Pakistan I was about to order Olay face cleansing system when I saw this in the market.

Its not exactly similar to those cleansing systems as its not operate able by any battery or there is no machine fit it, its a manual to use product.


The green colour bottle have the brush head at the top and gel inside. The “how to use” portion written on the bottle explained the usage really well, but I use it little differently.



Remove the cap, Place the brush under running water, twist the brush head in the direction mentioned in the bottle, squeeze the bottle and take the needed amount out and then swirl the brush in round motions. The gel will make foams and small amount will make quite well foams, the smell is so pleasant, the brush is so soft that it actually make me feel so relax. The product has amazing immediate results, when I wash my face I found my skin more soft, radiant and clear. I simply in love with this pocket friendly product.

Its oil free and perfect for me in summers especially.

Happy Factor:

Clear Oil and dirt from skin without making it dry

Leave skin smooth

Leave skin soft

Make skin more radiant

Smell so good

Brush is so soft

Easy to use, wash and keep

Sad Factor:

If not properly handle then more than required amount of gel can come out of the bottle


Have you used this amazing product, will love to listen from you.

Stay Blessed

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