Masarrat Misbah- Perfect Wear eyeliner

Hi all,

A very long awaited post, of the product I actually bought in very hurry :P, When I heard about Masarrat misbah makeup lounge I was so desperately wanted to try anything from the collection, but as I was full of cosmetics I couldn’t decide what to try. In meanwhile my Yves Saint Laurent eyeliner start drying up and I got an idea to try its eyeliner.

I regularly visit deplix Bahadarabad branch so it was not a hurdle for me to make this purchase.

Lets start with its packaging.



I got the product in paper bag which has MM logo on it nothing else, while the liner have too many text adjusted on a small area πŸ˜€ the liner is very small in quantity and its of black plastic packaging which I don’t like.

Apart from the packaging when I open it my first impression was not good, since I was comparing it with my Yves Saint Laurent baby doll eye liner. Later on when I used it I was really amazed by its ease of use and its awesome result. the brush was slightly thick than my other liners but its just too easy to get any look.

I never found winged liner to be that easy to apply πŸ˜€



The staying power was amazing, plus how easily it can be use is just make it perfect for everyday use.


You may like it:

Reasonable price

Easily available

Easy to use

Staying power

Water proof

Smudge proof



You may Not like it:

Less quantity

Packaging is not so apealing

The liner is little shiny


I hope this review will help you if you are planning to buy a new eye liner, share your experience in the comment section.

This beauty is available at following places:

Depilex Bahadurabad

Scentsation EBCO

Depilex Z. Commercial

Al-Fatah Store DHA

Sante The Salon

I bought it for “550” from Depilex Bahadurabad branch.













Loreal- Volume Million Lashes Mascara

Hi all

So finally a post about the my most used eye product :D, I got this lovely product as a gift from my aunt and since then its my favorite mascara. I am not a very mascara fond girl headache starts usually whenever I applied mascara and I found it too hard to carry it. But this one is exception πŸ˜€




This fat golden colour product is really my favourite, Sorry about its condition lols, its the most roughly placed item.

Well the product really did what it claims for, add super duper volume to the lashes plus making it near to natural.





The brush is comb like unlike many other mascara, it didnt allow the product to jammed into the lashes and giving it so fake look, unlike it keeps the lashes free from each other and making them volumise .












I simply love the results and I definitely recommend this product to have a natural, less heavy and beautiful look.


Happy Factor:

Give natural volume

Don’t look fake

Not so heavy

Easily available


Sad Factor:

For me its none πŸ™‚


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Sweet Touch- Glittery eye dust in Silver

Hello beauties,

Yes its the most in thing now days, the glitter glitter eye dust that makes eyes look so pretty, I am in love with this since I first saw this but wasn’t sure that if its the glittery eye shadow or the eye dust then in a makeup video I saw that the perfect most shiny look which is very trendy now days is acquire by the eye dust. When I went to the market to bought this I was too much focused on my search that I didn’t pay attention to glitter eye shadows BTW DMGM glitter eyeshadow are fairly good but I want the eye dust look.











The reason for buying Sweet Touch is I couldn’t found anything more glittery than this. These are loose eye shadows that comes in a round box with fairly enough big hole to get the reasonable amount of the product out.

At first when I tried to applied this all shed all over my face lolz. For the second time I used a tissue to cover the lower part of my face and applied the product with wet brush and it was so perfect. It didn’t shed anywhere and applied so beautifully.

The shine was so perfect as I wanted to have and I simply was in love with the final look.







Although the shine is not completely showing up in the picture but I simply loved the look. Well I am not very good in eye makeup but I seriously loving to have this thing in my collection. When I first applied this, I used a cake liner, but for this look I used the gel liner and found it little difficult to apply the liner on glitter, since the glitter particles get stucked in the brush. May be it needs more practice lolz.




The product is not so pricey one can have different shades, there are variety of shades available and all of them are so cool, so trendy.

Final verdict on this product is “I LOVE IT” πŸ˜€

Happy Factor:

Variety of shades

Very trendy

Very attractive

Beautiful look

Reasonable price

Easily available

Perfect for fancy look, party time


Sad Factor:

Little hard to apply but once you get the trick its perfect

Can be a bit messy if not handle with care


Products Used For Creating The Look:

Urban Decay eye shadow primer

Essence 3D Eyeshadow white highlighter as base

Urban Decay Naked 2 Black out

MUA Artiste collection pallete “Grape” (Check Review Here)

Sweet Touch Glittery eye dust in silver

Maybelline New lasting Gel liner in black 01 (Check Review Here)

Maybelline Collossal Kajal in water line (Check Review Here)

Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara (Check Review Here)

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Maybelline- New Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Hi all,

Today I am gonna share with you my long search product πŸ˜€ I always get fascinate by what product those mua uses on the eyes as liner that seems so smooth and the look is just so dramatic, then I read about gel liners and bought this one.



When I first saw it I reluctant to bought since the brush seems so wide and I thought it will not possible to make a thin line with it, and since my eyes are big mashaAllah I don’t like to put a bold line of liner on it, but when I saw it finish in mua created looks I can’t stop my self to buy this one :D.




The product comes with a brush and I must tell that this was the reason I always hesitated to buy this product and after using this, this brush is the reason I love this product :D. The brush is just so easy to use that it makes playing with your liner looks like a kindergarten thing πŸ˜€ Oh yes I am not exaggerating, I literally felt this. The brush can be use to make the thin look as well as to get the perfect bold and dramatic look.

The quantity of the product also disappoint me at first glance but when I use it, I realized that the small amount goes a long way I don’t need to get so much product on the brush so its quite justifying.











I am wearing only this liner on my nude eyes, and it gives a really fresh look I really love the product and definitely buy this again. Its smudge free, water free and it claims to be stayed on eyes as long as 36 hours, hmm for water free thing, its water free if you splash a water on your face but if you rub your eyes it will gone, and for smudge free thing it does fade out if you rub it with your hands, for longevity I honestly haven’t wore it for that much time since I never felt any need of such long duration. For me it has worked well for upto 3 hours the longest duration I wore it uptil now.


Happy Factor:

Easy to apply

Can create different style with it versatile brush

Can stay for long if you don’t have a habit of rubbing your eyes πŸ˜€

Easily available

Quantity justified its price


Sad Factor:

Fade out when eyes get rubbed

Not travel friendly since need to carry 2 things while with a liquid liner its not needed

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Elf – Essentials eye colour quad

hi beauties

This item today is from the recent elf haul I bought. Elf Essentials eye colour quad. well the product looks cute and I get impressed by its cute colour combination.








Its simple packaging product, plastic box with transparent lid. Each color is sectioned in triangle since there is not enough space in the box






Colors seems good as you can see, with little shine and seriously they looked pigmented to me.





Its a small eye colour set with small applicator, and mirror behind that applicator area. On a serious note that mirror is of no use since its too small, even the applicator is too small that it will pain your hand to use this.




Its hard to identify which colour is which in swatches as the colours are so chalky, and very hard to apply. I tried to upload a look from this too, but nothing appears on my lid, as the only colour appear was purple shade. The rest of the colours are so light, not blend able and chalky that when i tried to build the colour it all fell off. I didn’t even need to wash it off, it just got disappear with a rub of cloth

I am too disappointed by this purchase, as it was nothing but a waste of money since I bought it from a sale so it didn’t hurt my pocket alot.

I won’t recommend this product I don’t find it worth buying. I bought it for 200 Rs in sale.

Happy Factor:

I couldn’t found any probably the cute shades that attracted me

Sad Factor:


Not blend able

Colours not show


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Yves Saint Laurent _ Baby Doll eyeliner

Hi all πŸ™‚

The product I am going to share with you guys is one of my most favorite product. Its my favorite and most used eye liner.





I got this 5 months back and since then I am continuously using this. Lets start with the packaging, I discarded the box, because it was not in good condition when it reached me. The container is simple yet elegant, Black colour jar with golden font and golden twisted lid.






The brush is very thin from the start but get volume towards the end, when I open it for the first time I felt I would never be able to use it since its so thin and it would be hard to make a fine line with such thin brush, but when I used it I was amazed. Despite of its thinness the application is so smooth, flawless and effortless. The eyeliner is dark black colour and one coat was enough for a fine look, and that really saves me. Multiple coat means you have to be perfect all the time.





For me a plus point is it is easily removable, I don’t like the liners that get stick on my eyes and I need to do extra effort to clean them. This one is just one stroke away thing, with only a single tissue and its gone πŸ˜€





I love the product and the best part is its ease of use and beautiful look. It lasts for whole day if I didn’t rub it.

Happy Factor:

Easy to use

Easy to Remove

Can make thin as well as thick looks

Dark Black color

Single coat make it done

Long Lasting power if it wont rub


Sad Factor:

Not Easily available


You may want an eyeliner that is water proof

Love to hear your views about this.

Stay blessed and don’t forget to bless me with your lovely comments πŸ™‚

Maybelline- colossal kajal

Hi all,

I may be the last person on earth to write a review on this amazing product:-D but I believe late is better than never πŸ™‚ I have this product with me since this year January but didn’t get the chance to write about it.

Image from Internet
Image from Internet



The packing is quite dramatic I never seen any kajal in such a nice and elegant packaging.




The kajal is of yellow plastic body with twister at the bottom to bring the product out.


The kajal is a creamy easy to apply texture and have very healthy black colour. It’s single quote is enough for casual use but can be quoted double to give a darker look.


I used it at both lash line and water line and for me it works well at both places. Its smudge proof, water proof in fact I like it more when I wash my face and it becomes more natural on my eyes. It stayed for almost 4 hours on my eyes and it was as fresh and smudge free as I applied it.
So thumbs up for this product. I give it 4/5 as the only thing I don’t like about it is I can’t sharp it and recently it nip get broken 😦
I will definitely buy it again its reasonable trendy product.

Happy Factor:

Reasonable price

Easily available

Rich dark black color

Smudge proof

Water proof

Easy to apply

Sad Factor

Can’t sharp it again if the nip get broken

Share your experience I live to hear from you πŸ™‚
Stay blessed