Jo’s Organic Beauty- Turmeric Mix and Whitening and Rejuvenating Soap

Hi beauty bees

Hope you all are enjoying the chilling breeze. My today post is about my newest obsession, Its “Turmeric Mix” by “Jo’s Organic Beauty”.

When I ordered the product I was not sure of how awesome the experience will turn out, the page was new for me and the product as well. I  asked the page owner to suggest me any product for my skin problem and she suggested me this, and this turns out to be my everyday use product 😀


When I received my parcel including Turmeric Mix, Oatmeal and Green tea mask and Whitening and Rejuvenating soap, my first impression was “Gosh!! what I had done with my money”. The products came in shoppers with the card at the back which clearly defines the usage of the product along with its benefits. My disappointment increases as I thought its plain Gram flour “Besan”  mixed with turmeric



When I pour out the product I found some red particles in it, proceeding further I add rose water to make a paste BTW milk and yogurt can also be used as mention on the card but my initial try was with rose water, I saw some other ingredients too. Although I can’t judge all of them but it includes saffron along with turmeric and gram flour.


Knowing the fact that it includes other ingredients as well actually reduce my disappointment :D. Application was easy and smooth and when I wash my face after 20 minutes, the results were so awesome, the glow, the softness everything was just so perfect. It gives the perfect radiance to face, leaving skin smooth and clear behind. Its one of the products I am completely satisfied with and keep stocking too 😀 I haven’t ended my one packet and I have 2 more in stock 😀

The second purchase was again on the suggestion of the owner, as per the owner it gives the best result with turmeric mix for a glowing skin.


The soap comes in pair, and its not so appealing to eyes :-/ neither the soap nor the packing 😀 but thats not the point if the product works so great. I ordered it in summers and again the ingredients shown on it make me confuse either to use it or not. Since my skin is prone to acne, I need to keep my skin oil free in summers, and it contains glycerine. I didn’t use it for some time and then thought to give it a try. The foams are of blackish brown color, and it makes fairly good foams which I personally like. When  I wash my face I felt my skin very smooth and soft but didn’t felt any of the oily thing on my skin, which is a plus point. The soap and mask is with me from last 2 months and now the season has changed and its winter, with dryness ofcourse but surprisingly washing my face with this soap keeps my skin hydrated and I don’t feel any sign of dryness.

It was my first experience of purchasing any herbal product online and I must say it turned out so pleasant, for me I simply can’t stop using these two especially.

The turmeric mix cost me PKR-/600 and soap pair cost me PKR-/300

Tell me your favourite herbal products, do visit  this awesome facebook page “Jo’s organic beauty” to order something to treat your skin.

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ELF- Shimmering Facial Whip

Hi dolls,

Today post is about my biggest obsession in all the cosmetics stuff, O yess Its the face highlighter :). I simply love that glowing effect mua creates with the help of bronzing and highlighting. I was in search of  a good highlighter from a quite long time unfortunately MAC highlighter is not available in Pakistan, at least I couldn’t found it.

I saw it in online store and made the purchase since it was so fascinating.




Honestly speaking when I ordered this I wasn’t assuming it to be that much small tube *sigh* but yeah the size is damn small but since its liquid product its quite sufficient for me.

It comes in a plastic box which was not a very much attractive apparel for me, the tube is simple plastic transparent tube, showing the colour and texture of the product.






It comes with a nossel which is very good in dealing the product, and believe me the drop that comes out from this so much little nosel is enough for getting a perfect glowing effect. I tried little more quantity and it makes me look like a clown 😦




The product is not very runny, for me it makes the application easier, it is not so think not so runny somewhere in between these two texture.  It has a very natural pink color which really looks very good with shimmery effect it has.






The above image is blended one, I haven’t completely blend it since it was not visible in the image so I leave the blend at this point. The finish is very fine, natural and smooth. It can be applied directly onto the specific areas to highlight or can be mixed in BB cream or foundation for the complete coverage. I prefer to use it in mixing with my all time love “Garnier BB cream” or “Artdeco- long lasting foundation”  as per the event I am getting ready for, and the finish was such a nice healthy glow, that I received compliments from everyone :D.

My final verdicts on this is yeah I like this product, if you are good with liquid highlighter then this one is good and reasonable.

I bought it online from BeautyinBudget4You.

Happy Factor:

Naturally pink color

Natural Glow

Not overly shimmery

Can be apply alone as well as mixed with foundation/BB cream

Nosel really controls the quantity of the product well


Sad Factor:

Tube is very small as it seems like a sample product.

Have you tried any of the elf studio product, which one is your favorite !!

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ArtDeco- Long Lasting Foundation

Hi all,

Yet another my favorite product and its from Artdeco too. Well I really love the brand they have wide range and quality products. Before this I was using Maybelline dream liquid moose and I was assuming it to be very light and easy to use product, but this product have literally changed my views on that 😀


DSC07733 DSC07737

Lets keep the traditional way going 😀 and starts with the packaging of the product. Well the box is pure black with white font which is impressive for me since i am black lover, the bottle of the foundation is light brown color plastic bottle which is a plus point for me since i am little clumsy and things usually fell off from my hands, this product simply makes me damage free :), the nosel really helps me to get the right amount, and the twisted lid to make it secure.





This is just the roughly made strokes with my fingers, and I am not good in working with my fingers *sigh* well the texture of the product is not so runny, its thick but easy to blend, the best thing is that the shade suits me so well that it gives me no clue of having foundation but gives me smooth and healthy skin ;-).

It have sheer to medium coverage since I never wanted to have a cakey look, I never go beyond that coverage. I used concealer to hides the blemishes left by the foundation. I used my elf stipple brush (Review will come soon) for perfect air brush effect.




This is not completely blended image, I intentionally left it so it can be identifiable in the picture, but when completely blend it just become flawless. Another plus point is, its SPF 20 which makes it really ideal for day time wear and its oil free which can be seen in its final finish. It keeps me oil free even in hot weather when its not preferable to use liquid foundations.

I love the product for so many reasons, and definitely recommend this to have flawless good coverage.

Happy Factor:

Easily available

Travel friendly as its weightless

Damage free

Good coverage

Oil free

SPF 20

Sad Factor:


Need to push so hard to get the product out from the bottle


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MAC- Studio fix Powder Plus Foundation

Hi my all lovelies,

So this post came up a little late, I have been gone through a tragic incidence of mobile snatching and that phone have all of the images I captured for the posts:( So I have to start again from the scratch.

I decided to start with MAC Studio fix Powder Plus Foundation



The MAC has a very defined packaging theme of Black colour, since I love black colour I love the theme too, its so mesmerizing look, jet black compact with white font.

The box is very easy to open have very velvety texture and has a mirror which gives the perfect view.





The box has fairly enough amount, since it doesn’t required alot amount of product to be used to have a smooth flawless look.




The compact box is partitioned in two portions, one had the powder and the lower compartment have sponge for the smooth application.

The product has velvety texture and runs smoothly on skin with the sponge, although I found it difficult to apply it with my elf completion brush (click here for review) but it works well when I applied it with sponge and blend it with my brush.

It can be used with wet sponge for the foundation look but I personally don’t like to use it with wet sponge, I didn’t make a try either. I am quite satisfied by the over look without wet sponge so I haven’t felt the need of it too.

I never felt the importance of sponge before using this, I always used to through away my sponges that came with any compact but since this was not working with the brush I kept the sponge and I am really glad I did, the sponge really work wonders when I need to apply the product for a fine look on the problem areas like my blemishes, around the nose, around eyes, around lips. It sets the product so well, even its good to hide any of my stupid makeup mistake 😀

I don’t even feel any need of the foundation after applying this, I normally apply my Garneir BB cream and finish the look with MAC studio fix powder plus foundation and The Body Shop loose powder and I am just ready for any party with soft, settle and natural look. It has amazing lasting power I wore it for 8 hours straight in damn hot weather trust me under 38 C outdoor and it kept me fresh for straight 6 hours, the shine start appearing somewhere after 6 hours but overall look was good enough till 8th hour 😀

Happy Factor:

Attractive packaging

Travel friendly

Easy to apply

Nicely smell

Good coverage

Good lasting power

Can be use as foundation

Sad Factor:

Not easily available


I bought it from Naheed super market for about Rs: 4100 but I won’t suggest anyone to shop from naheed since the sales girls often sell the wrong products and then they didn’t exchange or return for me they sold me this compact for NC30 under the box of NC35 while I asked for NC40.

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Stay blessed



MUA – Matte Perfect loose powder

I must say MUA is really getting fast in this world of beauty and its becoming choice of so many makeup artist and it deserve to be.
Today I am sharing my experience with you about the mua perfect matte loose powder translucent.

What company claims:


What I felt:


Lets start with the packaging, its simple white color lid with a container having the product, the name of the company and product is written in Red color font and container had holed lid so the product can come out easily. The packing I felt somehow very boring, I really likes the packing of the body shop loose powder (check review here ) but since there is a huge difference of price let’s ignore the comparison 😀


The holes are very small or shrunk that it’s hard to use the right amount of powder.  I need to tap at the back of the box many times to bring the powder out.
The application of the powder is smooth,  it’s shine free, looks very natural on face and absorbs oil for hours really keeping my face fresh and makeup set.
It really sets the makeup when I used it after applying the complete makeup, and it add nothing on the face just a smooth, soft and natural look and feel.
The powder is very light and easily blend able. I have acne prone skin and usually get break outs when use anything new but this worked so well.  I didn’t face any skin problem (by the grace of Allah) after using this.

I really like it and will buy it again for everyday use since its an inexpensive one and good at its job. It didn’t settle in fine lines or wrinkles, and its good for beginners who are new in this field and want to have good but budget friendly product. I would prefer it as a daily to use product.

I bought it online from just4girsl for “400 PKR”

Happy factor :

Budget friendly

Easy to use

Quickly blend

Natural look

Absord oil

Shine control

Sad factor

Need to tap at the bottom of the jar many times which annoy me some time
Packing is boring

The Body Shop- Loose Face Powder


Hi Girls,

Today I am going to review one of my lovely, I Purchased this product last year and its something worth purchasing. I was in need of a good setting powder and luckily I got this 😀 sometime luck really work 😉
Before giving my review, let see what the company say about the product. The Body Shop claims that:

“This ultra-fine loose powder sets make-up and is the professional final touch.
Matte finish
Dermatologically tested”

My Experience:

Well I must say they speak a very little about this amazing product.
The product came in 3 different shades, unfortunately it don’t have any colour names, it simply called shade 01, 02 and 03. I am medium skin tone girl and I choose shade 02.

The product came in a very nice, decent and attractive packing. The product have small sparkling particles in it which is surely a plus for me as it gives a radiant glow to all over my face.Its very easy to settle the product, it absorbs oil so well that keeps my face fresh for as long as 5 hours without touch up.
The amount of the product is really reasonable at first I thought it expensive but it use a very little and gives a very good coverage all over the face.
For me its a 4/5 product, will definitely buy again and surely recommend for a soft natural and effort free look.

Happy Factor:

  • Beautiful packing
  • Healthy amount
  • Gives Healthy glow
  • Easy to use
  • Good lasting time
  • Absorbs oil and keep face fresh
  • A good make up setter

Sad Factor:

  • The holes are too big that its difficult to save the product from getting waste 😦

Please leave your experience in comment section below, do try this product and let me know how u feel.

Stay blessed 😀