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Today my post is consist of three lipsticks I have from Revlon color Lustrous collection. Before jumping to the details I would like to drag your attention towards the Revlon official site. The site is so amazing for choosing perfect lip color online. It have all skin tones (possibly) wearing the shade you are selecting so you can have a better idea of how the shade will suits you.

As the name defines, the lipsticks are glossy and a bit shimmery. Personally I am matte lover but the shades were so tempting that I cant stopped myself from buying.

It has wide range of colors to choose from. I picked Red Lacquer, Fuchsia fusion, and Love that Pink.


Let’s starts with the packaging. The packaging is very attractive for me. The golden and black combination makes it so royal and very eye tempting.

The lid had a glass on the top, so you don’t need to open the lid to see the shade, which is a good point.





The texture of the product is very creamy, easily glides on lips, smooth application and great color pay off. I must say that it keeps my lips hydrating too and I don’t feel chapped lips.

It didn’t settled into the fine lines and gives very smooth look.

Red Lacquer


The best pick from the collection and which is by the way my every day use product is Red lacquer. When I ordered first two, I was reluctant to buy Red Lacquer, because of the shade it seems in picture, and unfortunately I didn’t check its website and missed this amazing shade. The shade is the best match for my skin tone I have found so far. It is a very safe coral color to start with, in fact more on the orange side. I really love this shade as it brightens my face and my mood too 😀 The color is so refreshing that with minimal makeup and even no makeup I feel so bright.

Fuchsia Fusion

Second one in my list is Fuchsia fusion. This shade is bright Fuchsia plum and perfectly suitable for night outs. However the color seems so bright for day time indoor occasions.

The color goes good with almost every skin tone as it is again very safe plum fuchsia. In fact if you are afraid of bright colors this would be a good pick to start with.

With a single coat or little tapped with tissue the colors goes even better for the beginner of bright colors.

Love that Pink

The third from the list is Love that pink. This is a very tricky color for my skin tone. It is very bright pink, I must say it is more close to shocking pink. The color looks so vibrant and my face complexion goes dull with it. Personally I am not afraid of bright shades but this shade really makes me look dull if not handles properly.

I used this lip shade with estee lauder tea rose (check review here) and the shade turned out to be perfect for my skin tone.


Swatches from top to bottom Red Lacquer, Fuchsia fusion, Love that pink


My final verdict for the quality is its worth having, the staying power is good, even after 6 hours of application it leaves a tinted shade behind.

Variety of shades available and its economical too.

If you’re a fond of glossy lipsticks then this would be the best to start with.

Good Factor:

  • Beautiful shades
  • Good pigmentation
  • Reasonable price
  • Good staying power of 4-5 hours with eating
  • Creamy texture
  • Nice shimmer
  • Nice packaging


Sad Factor:

  • I couldn’t found any


Revlon is available online and at Scentsation dolmen mall Clifton and hyderi. Also available at aghaz super market. Which is your favorite Ravlov Product, have you tried any of them?  Don’t forget to share your reviews with me

Stay Blessed

Sephora cream lip stain- Endless Pink


Hi everyone,

Hope you all doing good, today post is a pick from my recent hauls. I am kind of a girl who love lip stains and gloss more than lipsticks because of the applicators, but I surely don’t like that gloss all the time. So my search was to have a matte finish with that applicator and luckily it got ended so well when I found this beauty.

It offers good quantity of shades to choose from, I picked up Endless Pink.

Image took from Sephora website
Image took from Sephora website


The packaging is very simple, elegant yet attractive. I love the product since i saw it.

Its a nice but dark pink shade, more of a fuchsia. The finish is just so satin that I felt in love with it, it glides so smoothly and buttery on lips and feel so light.

In day Light
In day Light

It color pay off is amazing a small amount is enough to transfer full coverage colour on my lips and I simply love this factor. The above image is how it looks under a sunlight.

Inside the room
Inside the room

The above image is taken inside the room. Apart from its awesome color pay off, the staying power is also very impressive, I applied it for straight 9 hours with slight eating and drinking and it was pretty much there, even when it fades out it leaves a very nice pink shade behind, and lot of lovely glitter which I actually never noticed when the colour is there.

For the final verdict I would say I am simply in love with this product and surely try more colors from its range. I bought it online from “Amor” for about 1700 PKR. I must say you should visit this awesome page and have some colors for your self too 🙂

Have you tried any shade from Sephora cream lip stain !! any recommendation for my next purchase ??


Happy Factor:

Smell nice

Lovely shade

Easy to apply

So smooth

Light on lips

Great staying power


Sad Factor:

Not available in local market in Pakistan

You may feel it expensive

Estee Lauder- Tea Rose

Hi all,

My today post is about one of my most favorite lipstick, that is by Estee Lauder Tea Rose.




The lipstick comes in simple white color twisted container. The logo of Estee lauder is marked at the top of the lid, and golder color separator in the middle of the lipstick container, the complete container is plain white colored, which I personally like. The only drawback of such packing is one have to open the lid to see the shade of the lipstick since its no other way to know the shade. The inside of the lipstick container is of golden color.



The color is so nice, so natural, yet so fresh that I felt in love with it. Its always a difficult task for me to choose a perfect shade online, but it was such a nice pick. The lipstick is very moist and doesn’t let my lips to dry yet its matte, since I don’t like glossy products in summers, this one is just so perfect. Its glides on my lips like butter 😀 and stands for good 4 hours.

However it smells a little weird.




The above swatch is taken indoor, while the below one is under sunlight.




I bought it online from “The Brand Hub” and I am simply in love with this lovely. The one tip I would like to give, is don’t take the risk of keeping it in warm place, the lipstick get melt so fast. Mine is little destroyed from one side.


Happy Factor:

Nice shade

Easy application

Keep lips moiturise

Long lasting power

Reasonable price


Sad Factor:

Need to keep in cool place since it gets melt so fast

The unpleasant smell

Whats your favorite estee lauder product? have you tried its lipsticks? share your experience with me and don’t forget to join me at





Stay blessed

ELF- Essential Lipstick; Seductive


Hi All,
The thing I have today for sharing with you all is my recent purchase from ELF studio. Its from the ELF Essential lipstick range and the shade Seductive


photo 1

The lipstick came in plastic and hard board packaging which gives it quite a cheap look, I think it would be far better if lipstick comes without any box.
The lipstick have a transparent middle section which shows the colour as you don’t need to look at the bottom of the lipstick for its shade. However I found the twisting is hard 😦 Its not smooth as it is with other brands.
Even MUA lipstick is less expensive than this but it has very good twisting and reasonable packaging.


photo 2
Well when I bought the colour I was not assuming the colour to be this honestly speaking, if I would, I haven’t bought this because I have this same shade in Diana of London Pink Blush. The colour is soft pink, which can be used as nude lip colour for instant fresh look.
Since I get disappointed by the duplication of colour, I really get amazed by its quality.
The lipstick is more pigmented and glossy than pink blush and it smells really good. Usually I don’t get used of the cosmetics smell which make me drop many of the products but this one is so amazing.
The lip colour glides on lips so easily and stays with very good shine. It have very milky effect, and don’t leaves the lips dry.

For its price, I really like it, it can be even better if its twisting is bit smoother because box can be ignored by you have to deal with its hard twist every time you need it.
I bought it from “BeautyinBudget4You” in I guess 400 Rs.

Happy Factor:

Reasonable price
Milky effect keeps lips moisturise
Reasonable lasting power for almost 2-3 hours
Easy to apply
Good Colour pay off

Sad Factor:
Cheap box
Hard to twist


Have you tried any of ELF studio product?? which one is your favorite?

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Diana of london- Pink Blush

Hello all

Today I am gonna share my experience of having diana of london – Pink Blush.


I will skip the packaging section here since the packaging is same as Diana of London- Casablanca (check review here)



I wanted to have a nude lipstick from some time and tried out few brands but couldn’t ger the right one, I don’t want to have diana of london again since I have its one shade and I wanted to try something new.
But when I tried this one I just bought it since I don’t have any quality issues with the brand.




The colour is near to nude, naturally pink shade but it’s always tricky to apply nude. When I applied it alone it makes my face look so dull, so I tried it with Maybelline baby lip lip balm in strawberry (will share the review soon)
And it was as I want it to be :-D.





The application is smooth, creamy but since my lips are so dark I need to swap it 2, 3 times to have a proper color pay off. I am a medium skin tone girl and this colour look natural with addition of lip balm.

The lipstick have a creamy effect, doesn’t dry out my lips and stay good for upto 4 hours.

I bought it from HyperStar for 725 PKR

Happy Factor

Natural pink shade

Creamy effect


Lasting time is fair enough

Sad Factor

I need to swap it for 2-3 times to get the complete colour pay off

Will love to have your lovely comments, tell me which is your favorite lip colour.

MUA- Lipstick shade 10

Image from internet
Image from internet



Hi all,

This time its MUA(Makeup academy ) Lipstick in shade 10. As the image shows I too bought it assuming the colour to be deep Red or Maroon. But the colour was a 360 turn 😀





The shade is neither maroon nor red 😦 I felt it somewhere similar to the shade I have in diana of london (check review here) with a extra shine.







Well the colour instantly give a fresh look and suits well to my skin tone I somehow didn’t like its smell and packaging. Its smooth and glossy, shiny lipstick, which is suitable for night time in winters. I personally don’t like shiny lip colours in summers. The lasting power is not so good as the colour begin to fade out after an hour.












Well the good part is it have a detachable bottom part 😀 A small container that can be separated from the whole lipstick and you can take it wherever you want 🙂












Its nice inexpensive lipstick which can be use as daily wear, as it cost you nothing but around 200 Rs. So even with its not so good lasting power the price I think compensate that.

The lipstick is available online as MUA products are not available on the stores in Pakistan, so better to check out the reviews and swatches before placing an order, cause in my case the shade was entirely different from its colour shown. I recommend this product as its good to use and not so heavy on pocket too. I will definitely buy this again for a different shade.

Happy Factor:


Healthy shine

Nice shade

Sad Factor

Smells not good

Lasting power is for about an hour

Try this product out and share your experience in the comment section below. Tell me what you feel about this review 😀

Stay Blessed 🙂






The Body Shop- Born Lippy


Hi girls,
This time I want to share my experience with you regarding this cute product that called “Born Lippy” By The Body Shop.
I have this is strawberry flavour:-D


Well its near to end 😀 I did a pretty good job with this one 😉 I went to body shop to get my tea tree items and just got so much attracted by this cute little product.
The product packaging really deserve 5/5. Now the product quality, hmm the smells is just so strawberry I love that. While on my lips it continously make me remind strawberry:-D it’s a nice glossy product with a little colour touch of red which looks good and natural on lips. The product somehow don’t stay for long as I need to reapply it after every hour usually in winters. Overall I like the product but I probably won’t buy this again because I need to apply it with a finger which I personally don’t like and i need to reapply it after every hour which is annoying :-<
I give it 3/5, you too share your experiences in the comment section below

Happy factor:

Nice smell
Give a natural pink effect
Moisturise well

Sad factor:

Have to apply with finger
Need to aplly after every hour

Diana of London- CasaBlanca

So I am here again with a new review. This belongs to the “Pure Addiction” family of “Diana of London”. Well I have this in shade 13 Casablanca. This is my most used lipstick,  and I simply love the colour as well as its texture.

Diana of London

 I somehow didn’t like its packaging, the box more specifically. The box gives it a look of a very low quality brand may be other ppl feels different than me.

Internet Image

  Unlike its box, the container is attractive.

Internet Image

The texture of the lipstick is very creamy, I personally prefer creamy texture as it moisturise my lips too. I don’t like the lipstick which make my lips look and feel so dry. 20140323_165112 Well the colour is purplish pink and I just love this colour. I lost my lip gloss in the same shade when I went to buy this one, and after a long search I found this. The application is so smooth, and it gives a very fresh look. I apply it both direct and with the help of lip brush. I prefer to use lip brush with this.  With the passage of time it becomes even a more natural pink colour. The lasting power for me is quite reasonable, as it lasts for almost 5 hours for me (this is the longest duration I used it).

Happy Factor:

Reasonable price

Easily available

Creamy texture

Smooth application Lasting power

Sad Factor:

I didn’t find any 🙂

I would highly recommend this product. Share your experience in the comment section below


Few of the images (already mentioned in caption) are taken from the internet because my product packaging was a bit destroyed because of keeping it with so many other things :(, images with no captions are the real images taken by me.

ARTDECO- High Performance Lipstick

Hi all,

Hope you all are having fun and getting more close to the beauty world ;). Today I am going to review one of my favorite product. Its ARTDECO- High Performance Lipstick in shade 426.

ARTDECO is a German brand for cosmetics and skin care, its an expensive brand I must say but the products are usually worth the price. It is available almost on every leading stores in Karachi. Before my review let me share with you what the company says about the product:

“The High Performance Lipstick in its noble, shapely design and with its irresistibly light and supple texture provides a particularly soft and subtle lip make-up with seductive shine.
Due to Maxi LipTM, the lip volume is visually increased, while the lips are additionally nourished with panthenol and vitamin E. The many different shades perfectly accentuate the lips from discreet and natural to dramatic.”

The product functions as the per the company claim (Y).

My Experience:



It comes in a very attractive silver color box, with the shade color at the bottom, the lipstick itself is in sharp silver container which really attracts me at first glance.






The lipstick is very pigmented, gives very silky effect on my lips. The application is so smooth, and it keeps lips moisturize even in dry weather. I was in need of hot red color when i bought this, I was full with glossy lip product so i wanted to have a matte but with a decent silky texture lipstick its not that red but this shade really suits me well, plus it fulfills all other requirements :D. The product has good lasting time for me the product lasts for almost 3 hours(I didn’t used it for more than this time, may be it lasts longer than this). I bought this product in 1400 from Imtiaz super market.

Happy Factor:

Nice shades

Very Pigmented

Silky smooth texture

Moisturize lips

Lasting power

Easily available

Beautiful attractive packaging

Matt with a slight shine

Sad Factor:

High Price

I would definitely recommend this product for its good quality and wide range of shades. Try it out and share your experience 🙂