Tips to winterise yourself

Hello my beauty bees

The winter is finally here with its chilling breeze and dryness. It is very important to take care of your hands and feet along with the face. Today I will share some tips I personally follow to make my hands, feet and nails winter friendly 😀
Being very busy person it is very difficult for me to meet up with the winter requirements, I follow the simple yet effective routine. Nails are very important parts and the most ignorant one two. We often pay attention to hands and feet, leaving the nails behind.

Here is the quick tutorial on how you can take care of your nails


By following the simple tips you can have shining nails and perfect looking hands 😀

Clip and shape:

Don’t forget to clip your nails timely and shape them to whatever shape you like.

Don’t forget the Cuticles:

Cut off your cuticles regularly. It can be useful if dip your hands in warm water adding few drops of olive oil in it. This will really make your cuticles soft and easy to cut off. It is also suggested to apply any good cuticle softener before going to bed

Keep your self, healthy and clean. In any beauty regime cleanness is the first step. Keep your hands and feet clean, and well moisturize. Its good to have proper manicure and pedicure at least once a month. The best time to moisturize your body is “The Bed Time”. Don’t forget to wash your hands and feet and moisturize them with any good moisturizer before going to bed, Glyserine mixed with rose water, few drops of lemon and fresh cream can be a best home made moisturizer. This will not only helps you to soften your hands and feet but also improves the skin tone . With a little effort and time for your self, your hands and feet can be as perfect as your face 🙂

After pampering my self


You can also put any good nail color on your nails to make your hands and feet even more attractive. I would like to share some of my favorite shades from “Julep” collection. To make the selection easier for you :). Have a look



Be sure to check out their entire nail polish collection which is by the way worth having.
I hope these simple tips will build an healthy habit of keeping your self clean and beautiful. Don’t forget to share your winter routine, love to hear from you.

With love




Don’t forget to clean your face



Why and How to Clean Makeup:


Well one can simply not ignore the power of cosmetics for having a desired look, but the things that should keep in mind is that cosmetics can harm the skin if not handled properly. Even if you are using very high end brands and good quality products the chances are still there if your beauty routine is not proper.

We should be very careful with our makeup routine and it should be as hygienic as possible. The common mistakes we often do is we went to sleep without keeping the makeup off from the face, Goshh the most disastrous habit anyone can have.

The most common reason I observed among the girls around me are these two:

  1. Washing face is enough to make it clean
  2. We don’t want to spend on having makeup cleaner


Well for the first reason the answer is straight No. Washing face is not enough at all when it has to deal with a cosmetics covered face, infact if you are using quality products that have good staying power you will observe that even washing it with a face wash is not enough the products will shining and waving at you, same goes with the products who don’t have very visibility. Even if they don’t appear, they are there just like germs.


For the second reason hmm yeah I too don’t want to spend a lot for makeup cleaner, but I found some other tips to make it off from my face.


The first and the simplest thing is I bought the makeup wipes, they are easy to use plus very reasonable. They can be of any brand, I have them of Rivaj and they cost me 200 Rs only. Great isn’t


The 2nd thing I have for this purpose is to cleanse my face with any good quality cleanser, it do the same job as the makeup cleaner do plus I got the benefits of cleansing too 😀



The 3rd thing is using any good quality baby oil, dab some amount of baby oil on the cotton and swipe it to your face. Don’t rub your face too hard with it, as makeup particles are deep inside the pores and can harm the skin so bad by rubbing. This is very good especially for cleaning the eye makeup.


The 4th one is of the same category as above instead of baby oil you can also use olive oil to clean the makeup. Did you know coconut oil is also very good in removing eye makeup, it also hydrates skin and its safe for all types of skin.


I hope these tips will help you, don’t forget to share your beauty routine with me.


I love to hear you.


Stay beautiful and pray for the peace in the world and lets play our part in helping Ghaza, Boycott the Israel made products so the brute killing of innocent people can be stopped.

How to clean up brushes


Well well well the most essential tools for makeup and what to do when they get dirty and need a nice bath!!!
Well this question came in my mind just before buying brushes since I don’t want to spend money on brush cleaner I want a quick, easy and budget friendly solution.
Here I want to share you what I do to clean up my brushes.
Things you would need:


  1. A mild shampoo it can be a good quality baby shampoo
  2. A towel
  3. And dirty brushes 😀

How to do it !!!
Well its quite simple open the tap don’t place the brush directly down the water just place the brush on the wash basin very close to the water flow and move it in circular motion.

Apply some amount of shampoo on the palm of your hand, make healthy leather and  move your brush in circular motions into that leather

When you see the color of the products have stopped coming out simply wash the brush following the same first step

Don’t let your bristles joint to face the water this will weaken the bristles bonding and they begin to fall.
Now place the brush on towel and let the initial water comes out don’t rub it
Then place the brush horizontally to any clean surface and give it as much time as it need to completely dry up.

Hope this simple and budget friendly tip will help you lovelies don’t forget to bless me with your beautiful comments

Stay blessed