Nina Lotia- A Visit to Remember

So finding a right place to get pampered from is always my biggest concerns, and I really felt this missing component in beauty blog world. Trying out different salons is cost and time taken activity, so this can be a good idea if one share the experience and other learn from it 😀

So lets start with my experience at Nina Lotia salon and spa.

Lets start with the infrastructure of the building




The building was nice, and well decorated. There were 4 floors, well actually I liked the idea of distributing floors with respect to different services they offered, the more interesting part was the payment also done on respective floor counters.



Ok so now the services I avail from them

  • Regular meni,pedi
  • Nail colour application
  • Hair wash
  • Hair protein treatment
  • Hair cut
  • Face polish  and
  • Waxing

When I entered the premises I was welcomed by the receptionist and was guided ahed towards the first floor. I got hair wash and hair cut from first floor. The hair wash was fairly good and I actually enjoyed but hair cut was a total disaster :(. I actually was concerned about my length and the solution she proposed was total flop, I ended up looking like a cartoon 😦 The front section of my hairs have no connection with the rest of my hairs *sigh*

After having this flop, I moved ahead for the waxing, since I am kinda lazy person, I usually pilled up bunch of services and then go for them at once. Well when I entered the waxing room, I noticed it was very untidy, although she cleaned up the area but I wasn’t satisfied. The gown she gave me to wear was not a fresh piece which also low down my morale. After having my wax done, I Moved for the meni pedi.

The girl was about to start the services and she actually had cut the nails and suddenly a “Regular Customer” came in, and guess what she left me as I was and moved to that lady which was actually very insulting. Any how I waited for some one to attend me but 3 girls were attended that “Regular Customer” and I was in queue, on complaining she immediately arrange a girl for my meni and one for he pedicure.





The pedicure was really good, I enjoyed the massage, the nail filing, shaping, and nail colour application but again menicure was total opposite. The girl completely destroyed my nails shape, then another girl came to fix the dent which was not fixable for one hand. The menicure was disaster just from the start, the massage was done with very least heart, the nail colour application was also very rough.



Then I moved to my face polish, which was actually very good. I enjoyed the service but the noise coming from the outside of room was so disturbing that it didn’t allow me to relax, for me the environment counts as much as the services, and I must say the environment was very noisy. The staff was loud, the customers were loud, I was unable to understand how people relax during facials.

Then the hair protein came, I simply love the hair massage she gave me during that. The shoulder massage was also a plus point. After that I get a blow dry and it was again average.

If I would summarise my whole trip I would say its not a place for a person like me who request to slow down the music right after entering any salon. Well for me a soothing environment counts as much as the services. The services again were not so extra ordinary in fact most of the services were just average or even below average.

Whats your favourite place to get pampered from, do share your thoughts. Your comments means alot to me.

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Spa Life Hydrating Collagen Lip Mask Review & Giveaway

Intresting review and a give away by “Sampre In Stile”

Sempre In Stile

Hey ladies! Today while I was at TJ Maxx (my all-time favorite store) I picked up a 6 pack of these Hydrating Collagen Lips Masks made in Korea by SpaLife. They retail for $25 but were only $4 on clearance at TJ Maxx so I figured I would try them because I had nothing to lose. & I’m glad I did! When I first took the lip mask out of the packaging all I thought was… WTF… This is not what I was expecting. It reminded me of those window cling things that suction to the windows. Same feel, texture, but slimier! 20140704-221628-80188051.jpg

The directions say to apply the mask, smooth out the air pockets & leave on for a minimum of 20 minutes. I have quite sensitive skin so I left the mask on for the bare minimum of 20 minutes and I have to say, I was pleased with…

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Need your help

Hi My beauty buddies

Today I am not sharing any product review, its me who need your help to win a contest. Kindly open the below mentioned link and like the picture which says “Entry by Hunza Basharat”. It have naked 2 and estee lauder lipstick. TIA


Lots of love

Stay Blessed

MAC- Studio fix Powder Plus Foundation

Hi my all lovelies,

So this post came up a little late, I have been gone through a tragic incidence of mobile snatching and that phone have all of the images I captured for the posts:( So I have to start again from the scratch.

I decided to start with MAC Studio fix Powder Plus Foundation



The MAC has a very defined packaging theme of Black colour, since I love black colour I love the theme too, its so mesmerizing look, jet black compact with white font.

The box is very easy to open have very velvety texture and has a mirror which gives the perfect view.





The box has fairly enough amount, since it doesn’t required alot amount of product to be used to have a smooth flawless look.




The compact box is partitioned in two portions, one had the powder and the lower compartment have sponge for the smooth application.

The product has velvety texture and runs smoothly on skin with the sponge, although I found it difficult to apply it with my elf completion brush (click here for review) but it works well when I applied it with sponge and blend it with my brush.

It can be used with wet sponge for the foundation look but I personally don’t like to use it with wet sponge, I didn’t make a try either. I am quite satisfied by the over look without wet sponge so I haven’t felt the need of it too.

I never felt the importance of sponge before using this, I always used to through away my sponges that came with any compact but since this was not working with the brush I kept the sponge and I am really glad I did, the sponge really work wonders when I need to apply the product for a fine look on the problem areas like my blemishes, around the nose, around eyes, around lips. It sets the product so well, even its good to hide any of my stupid makeup mistake 😀

I don’t even feel any need of the foundation after applying this, I normally apply my Garneir BB cream and finish the look with MAC studio fix powder plus foundation and The Body Shop loose powder and I am just ready for any party with soft, settle and natural look. It has amazing lasting power I wore it for 8 hours straight in damn hot weather trust me under 38 C outdoor and it kept me fresh for straight 6 hours, the shine start appearing somewhere after 6 hours but overall look was good enough till 8th hour 😀

Happy Factor:

Attractive packaging

Travel friendly

Easy to apply

Nicely smell

Good coverage

Good lasting power

Can be use as foundation

Sad Factor:

Not easily available


I bought it from Naheed super market for about Rs: 4100 but I won’t suggest anyone to shop from naheed since the sales girls often sell the wrong products and then they didn’t exchange or return for me they sold me this compact for NC30 under the box of NC35 while I asked for NC40.

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Stay blessed



Mary Kay True Dimensions lipstick Swatches | Makeup by Cristina Underwood

Another useful review for girls who want to purchase mary Kay lipstick


Hello Beauty lovers!

I’m so excited! I just ordered myself the newest Mary Kay® lipsticks called True Dimensions™ and they are amazing!! They come in 10 beautiful colors:

Wild about pink
Pink chérie
Color Me Coral
Natural Beauté
Sienne Brûlée
Spice ‘N’ Nice
Mystic Plum
Sizzling Red and

My favorites were Color Me Coral and Spice ‘N’ Nice. Here are the swatches.



They glide on so smoothly. I’m not kidding, they are like silk going on your lips. They condition the lips all day and also have age-defying ingredients! Check them out Mary Kay- Makeup by Cristina to purchase for just $18 (plus tax & shipping)

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Until the next one Laugh often & Love always!


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The more I get..the more I crave for :-D

Hi All,

I am here again with yet another small but awesome haul. I simply love each and every product I have and the more I am having, the more I crave for:D I am loving it simply 😀

This haul includes
MAC studio fix powder plus foundation
Sweet Touch sparkling Eye Dust in Silver
Essence Colour Arts Pigments in fairy dust


Will share the review soon with you beauties 🙂





MUA – Matte Perfect loose powder

I must say MUA is really getting fast in this world of beauty and its becoming choice of so many makeup artist and it deserve to be.
Today I am sharing my experience with you about the mua perfect matte loose powder translucent.

What company claims:


What I felt:


Lets start with the packaging, its simple white color lid with a container having the product, the name of the company and product is written in Red color font and container had holed lid so the product can come out easily. The packing I felt somehow very boring, I really likes the packing of the body shop loose powder (check review here ) but since there is a huge difference of price let’s ignore the comparison 😀


The holes are very small or shrunk that it’s hard to use the right amount of powder.  I need to tap at the back of the box many times to bring the powder out.
The application of the powder is smooth,  it’s shine free, looks very natural on face and absorbs oil for hours really keeping my face fresh and makeup set.
It really sets the makeup when I used it after applying the complete makeup, and it add nothing on the face just a smooth, soft and natural look and feel.
The powder is very light and easily blend able. I have acne prone skin and usually get break outs when use anything new but this worked so well.  I didn’t face any skin problem (by the grace of Allah) after using this.

I really like it and will buy it again for everyday use since its an inexpensive one and good at its job. It didn’t settle in fine lines or wrinkles, and its good for beginners who are new in this field and want to have good but budget friendly product. I would prefer it as a daily to use product.

I bought it online from just4girsl for “400 PKR”

Happy factor :

Budget friendly

Easy to use

Quickly blend

Natural look

Absord oil

Shine control

Sad factor

Need to tap at the bottom of the jar many times which annoy me some time
Packing is boring


OOpsss Girls and Guys what to do now 😛 Lolz I sometimes felt the same when I see ppl so crazily taken their pictures and uploading them everywhere 😀

Photo credit: AP Photo credit: AP

Chicago, Illinois – The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has officially confirmed what many people thought all along: taking ‘selfies’ is a mental disorder.

The APA made this classification during its annual board of directors meeting in Chicago. The disorder is called selfitis, and is defined as the obsessive compulsive desire to take photos of one’s self  and post them on social media as a way to make up for the lack of self-esteem and to fill a gap in intimacy.

APA said there are three levels of the disorder:

  • Borderline selfitis : taking photos of one’s self at least three times a day but not posting them on social media
  • Acute selfitis: taking photos of one’s self at least three times a day and posting each of the photos on social media
  • Chronic selfitis: Uncontrollable urge to take photos of one’s self  round the clock and posting…

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