The Body Shop – Tea Trea Face Mask

Hello beauties

So The Body Shop again 😀 Yeah it’s true, The Body Shop is indeed my favorite skin care brand 😀 and I simply love its tea tree range. The experience I am going to share with you all today is tea tree face mask.


Well the packing simply follows the tea tree theme and fix well in that, its same green colour tab. The packaging is not so attractive compared to other skin care brands in the market for instance Ponds, I really like there packing; so eye capturing so tempting. This was completely not my choice, I just entered to the body shop outlet and asked the girl for a good mask. She asked few things about my skin nature and suggested me this. I usually don’t trust blindly on the sales girl and I was regretting my act after the purchase but story changes when I use it :D. Well I am not disappointed at all Yuppiee. I bought it in last year when summer was near to an end.


The mask is thick creamy formula with very refreshing smell of tea tree. The application is simple and easy, its thick creamy formula easily apply on the skin with the help of finger. The mask is claimed to be effective for blemishes, the main purpose of my purchase. But its didn’t completely remove my blemishes but it really work well in the summer as an oil observer. I also heard that it reduce the pores but I didn’t notice any difference on the visibility of my pores. It is good on small pimples and it keeps the skin clean and fight well against impurities. It has a very refreshing cooling effect. When I apply the mask on my face it really soothes the skin with its cooling effect.


Body shop mask

I have an oily skin but after applying this, I feel so fresh. It absorbs oil well and leave the skin more clearer. I leave it on skin for almost 10 minutes and thats pay the function. Its suggested to use it once a week or max twice but not more than that. The only annoying moment came when I need to wash it off arghh. It don’t get off easily. I need to wash it with plenty of water, rub my face to get it off. Its good and easy if clean it with a wet facial sponge.

Well will I buy it again ?? hmm of course  Yes at least until I don’t get something better. Its a little expensive but I think the quantity and quality both worth the price. Its good with me in summer, in winter its hard to bear its cooling effect.

Happy Factor:

Cooling effect

Absorbs oil but don’t make skin dry

Leave skin fresh

Sad Factor:

Its hard to wash it 😦