Oriflame- Bronzing Pearls

Hi Lovelies :),

Today I am going to review Oriflame bronzer in shade “Bronzing Pearls”. I love bronzer as its an easiest way to create glowing effect on your face and to enhance the features. I was in search of a good bronzer although I had “MUA The Artiste Collection Palette” (will review it later) and it has an amazing bronzer, but I wanted to have separate one. I purchased this product during its promotional campaign, as Oriflame products can not be purchased directly from any store, I bought it through its consultant.

The product comes in two shades, Natural Radiance (the image on right side) and Bronzing Pearl (the image at left side)

My Experience:

I choose the Bronzing Pearl and I must say it was a complete disappointment :(. The product looks very good in the images but the reality was total different. The product is so chalky and gives a very artificial tan look. The sparkle it has is also a negative point since the product is not very much blend able, the sparkle too gives a very artificial glow.

Natural Radiance
Internet Image
Bronzing Pearls
Internet Image














Here are the real product images.



20140322_175709 20140322_175715 20140322_175723



I bought the product for 1200 I guess in a promotional campaign but I consider my investment as total wasted. Oriflame is getting popular but my experience was not so pleasant:(

Happy Factor:

Probably the attractive packaging on the images

Sad Factor:

Not Blend able


Product is too chalky

Gives an artificial tan look

Hope this will help you with your purchase. I would not recommend this product as I will not buy this again. šŸ˜¦

Share your experience about this product.


Some of the images are taken from the internet (mentioned in caption). Images without caption are the real images taken by me.