Real Techniques- Core Collection Brush Set

Hi beautiful pplz,

As I am very much fond of beauty tools, and I invest almost the same amount in buying tools and brushes as i do in buying cosmetics :D. The real techinques brushes were in my wish list from quite some long time, I already made a purchase of Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which is till date claimed to be the nearest dupe of all time favorite Beauty Blender. With the sponge I also ordered and finally I have my Core Collection :D.




The Collection comes in a plastic box which have Regzine bag inside and brushes hanged on it.






The best part is the bag can turned into a stand and makes the use of brushes so easy. It have some extra space too, so more brushes can be hanged.



Lets start with the buffing brush, my favorite brush so far. The brush is so dense, so volume yet so soft. It just made blending so fun for me. After blending my foundation and bronzer with Real Technique Miracle Complexion sponge I buffed my face with this for any flaws if left BTW the blending was already so perfect with the miracle sponge, I also used it for blending my loose powder and i was pro for that too.



The second in my list is its contouring brush, the main reason why I actually bought this. I saw it in so many videos of how to contour, and i was so much in need of this, checked the website and found that its not available alone.
After trying this I am not so much happy as the same job are do able by most of my brushes but since I haven’t used it before I thought its something very needed.
The brush itself is very good in quality and perfect in its application. It makes really neat lines for contouring.


The next in list is the foundation brush, which was not needed at all 😀 I have foundation brush of same size, shape and quality, I used it though as I have it 😛 but didn’t find much difference.
I used it to map my face with foundation for contouring and then blend everything with miracle sponge



The last one is the concealer brush, I was in need of this brush from a long long time since the problem areas made me hard to conceal. They are not cover able by my large brushes.
But my luck I made the two purchases together, the miracle sponge and this core collection, miracle sponge is good in concealing hard to reach areas and I felt this one useless.
I didn’t even use this tiny little cute brush.

Overall the core collection is an pack of 4 awesome brushes, I called them power pack for having a flawless skin 😉
I bought it in 2300 from Amor.

I love to hear from you, have you tried any of the RT products, hows your experience? what’s your favorite brush?
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Happy Factor:

So soft

So dense

Perfect for having flawless face

Sad Factor

The only sad thing is that it comes in a pack, leaving no choice of buying single brush sometimes you may not to have all four brushes, and want one particular brush.

How to clean up brushes


Well well well the most essential tools for makeup and what to do when they get dirty and need a nice bath!!!
Well this question came in my mind just before buying brushes since I don’t want to spend money on brush cleaner I want a quick, easy and budget friendly solution.
Here I want to share you what I do to clean up my brushes.
Things you would need:


  1. A mild shampoo it can be a good quality baby shampoo
  2. A towel
  3. And dirty brushes 😀

How to do it !!!
Well its quite simple open the tap don’t place the brush directly down the water just place the brush on the wash basin very close to the water flow and move it in circular motion.

Apply some amount of shampoo on the palm of your hand, make healthy leather and  move your brush in circular motions into that leather

When you see the color of the products have stopped coming out simply wash the brush following the same first step

Don’t let your bristles joint to face the water this will weaken the bristles bonding and they begin to fall.
Now place the brush on towel and let the initial water comes out don’t rub it
Then place the brush horizontally to any clean surface and give it as much time as it need to completely dry up.

Hope this simple and budget friendly tip will help you lovelies don’t forget to bless me with your beautiful comments

Stay blessed