How to clean up brushes


Well well well the most essential tools for makeup and what to do when they get dirty and need a nice bath!!!
Well this question came in my mind just before buying brushes since I don’t want to spend money on brush cleaner I want a quick, easy and budget friendly solution.
Here I want to share you what I do to clean up my brushes.
Things you would need:


  1. A mild shampoo it can be a good quality baby shampoo
  2. A towel
  3. And dirty brushes đŸ˜€

How to do it !!!
Well its quite simple open the tap don’t place the brush directly down the water just place the brush on the wash basin very close to the water flow and move it in circular motion.

Apply some amount of shampoo on the palm of your hand, make healthy leather and  move your brush in circular motions into that leather

When you see the color of the products have stopped coming out simply wash the brush following the same first step

Don’t let your bristles joint to face the water this will weaken the bristles bonding and they begin to fall.
Now place the brush on towel and let the initial water comes out don’t rub it
Then place the brush horizontally to any clean surface and give it as much time as it need to completely dry up.

Hope this simple and budget friendly tip will help you lovelies don’t forget to bless me with your beautiful comments

Stay blessed