Elf – Essentials eye colour quad

hi beauties

This item today is from the recent elf haul I bought. Elf Essentials eye colour quad. well the product looks cute and I get impressed by its cute colour combination.








Its simple packaging product, plastic box with transparent lid. Each color is sectioned in triangle since there is not enough space in the box






Colors seems good as you can see, with little shine and seriously they looked pigmented to me.





Its a small eye colour set with small applicator, and mirror behind that applicator area. On a serious note that mirror is of no use since its too small, even the applicator is too small that it will pain your hand to use this.




Its hard to identify which colour is which in swatches as the colours are so chalky, and very hard to apply. I tried to upload a look from this too, but nothing appears on my lid, as the only colour appear was purple shade. The rest of the colours are so light, not blend able and chalky that when i tried to build the colour it all fell off. I didn’t even need to wash it off, it just got disappear with a rub of cloth

I am too disappointed by this purchase, as it was nothing but a waste of money since I bought it from a sale so it didn’t hurt my pocket alot.

I won’t recommend this product I don’t find it worth buying. I bought it for 200 Rs in sale.

Happy Factor:

I couldn’t found any probably the cute shades that attracted me

Sad Factor:


Not blend able

Colours not show


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