Maybelline- New Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Hi all,

Today I am gonna share with you my long search product 😀 I always get fascinate by what product those mua uses on the eyes as liner that seems so smooth and the look is just so dramatic, then I read about gel liners and bought this one.



When I first saw it I reluctant to bought since the brush seems so wide and I thought it will not possible to make a thin line with it, and since my eyes are big mashaAllah I don’t like to put a bold line of liner on it, but when I saw it finish in mua created looks I can’t stop my self to buy this one :D.




The product comes with a brush and I must tell that this was the reason I always hesitated to buy this product and after using this, this brush is the reason I love this product :D. The brush is just so easy to use that it makes playing with your liner looks like a kindergarten thing 😀 Oh yes I am not exaggerating, I literally felt this. The brush can be use to make the thin look as well as to get the perfect bold and dramatic look.

The quantity of the product also disappoint me at first glance but when I use it, I realized that the small amount goes a long way I don’t need to get so much product on the brush so its quite justifying.











I am wearing only this liner on my nude eyes, and it gives a really fresh look I really love the product and definitely buy this again. Its smudge free, water free and it claims to be stayed on eyes as long as 36 hours, hmm for water free thing, its water free if you splash a water on your face but if you rub your eyes it will gone, and for smudge free thing it does fade out if you rub it with your hands, for longevity I honestly haven’t wore it for that much time since I never felt any need of such long duration. For me it has worked well for upto 3 hours the longest duration I wore it uptil now.


Happy Factor:

Easy to apply

Can create different style with it versatile brush

Can stay for long if you don’t have a habit of rubbing your eyes 😀

Easily available

Quantity justified its price


Sad Factor:

Fade out when eyes get rubbed

Not travel friendly since need to carry 2 things while with a liquid liner its not needed

Don’t forget to bless me with your lovely comments, have you ever tried any of the gel liner!! How did you feel it !!

Stay Blessed 🙂