Nina Lotia- A Visit to Remember

So finding a right place to get pampered from is always my biggest concerns, and I really felt this missing component in beauty blog world. Trying out different salons is cost and time taken activity, so this can be a good idea if one share the experience and other learn from it 😀

So lets start with my experience at Nina Lotia salon and spa.

Lets start with the infrastructure of the building




The building was nice, and well decorated. There were 4 floors, well actually I liked the idea of distributing floors with respect to different services they offered, the more interesting part was the payment also done on respective floor counters.



Ok so now the services I avail from them

  • Regular meni,pedi
  • Nail colour application
  • Hair wash
  • Hair protein treatment
  • Hair cut
  • Face polish  and
  • Waxing

When I entered the premises I was welcomed by the receptionist and was guided ahed towards the first floor. I got hair wash and hair cut from first floor. The hair wash was fairly good and I actually enjoyed but hair cut was a total disaster :(. I actually was concerned about my length and the solution she proposed was total flop, I ended up looking like a cartoon 😦 The front section of my hairs have no connection with the rest of my hairs *sigh*

After having this flop, I moved ahead for the waxing, since I am kinda lazy person, I usually pilled up bunch of services and then go for them at once. Well when I entered the waxing room, I noticed it was very untidy, although she cleaned up the area but I wasn’t satisfied. The gown she gave me to wear was not a fresh piece which also low down my morale. After having my wax done, I Moved for the meni pedi.

The girl was about to start the services and she actually had cut the nails and suddenly a “Regular Customer” came in, and guess what she left me as I was and moved to that lady which was actually very insulting. Any how I waited for some one to attend me but 3 girls were attended that “Regular Customer” and I was in queue, on complaining she immediately arrange a girl for my meni and one for he pedicure.





The pedicure was really good, I enjoyed the massage, the nail filing, shaping, and nail colour application but again menicure was total opposite. The girl completely destroyed my nails shape, then another girl came to fix the dent which was not fixable for one hand. The menicure was disaster just from the start, the massage was done with very least heart, the nail colour application was also very rough.



Then I moved to my face polish, which was actually very good. I enjoyed the service but the noise coming from the outside of room was so disturbing that it didn’t allow me to relax, for me the environment counts as much as the services, and I must say the environment was very noisy. The staff was loud, the customers were loud, I was unable to understand how people relax during facials.

Then the hair protein came, I simply love the hair massage she gave me during that. The shoulder massage was also a plus point. After that I get a blow dry and it was again average.

If I would summarise my whole trip I would say its not a place for a person like me who request to slow down the music right after entering any salon. Well for me a soothing environment counts as much as the services. The services again were not so extra ordinary in fact most of the services were just average or even below average.

Whats your favourite place to get pampered from, do share your thoughts. Your comments means alot to me.

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