Diana of London- CasaBlanca

So I am here again with a new review. This belongs to the “Pure Addiction” family of “Diana of London”. Well I have this in shade 13 Casablanca. This is my most used lipstick,  and I simply love the colour as well as its texture.

Diana of London

 I somehow didn’t like its packaging, the box more specifically. The box gives it a look of a very low quality brand may be other ppl feels different than me.

Internet Image

  Unlike its box, the container is attractive.

Internet Image

The texture of the lipstick is very creamy, I personally prefer creamy texture as it moisturise my lips too. I don’t like the lipstick which make my lips look and feel so dry. 20140323_165112 Well the colour is purplish pink and I just love this colour. I lost my lip gloss in the same shade when I went to buy this one, and after a long search I found this. The application is so smooth, and it gives a very fresh look. I apply it both direct and with the help of lip brush. I prefer to use lip brush with this.  With the passage of time it becomes even a more natural pink colour. The lasting power for me is quite reasonable, as it lasts for almost 5 hours for me (this is the longest duration I used it).

Happy Factor:

Reasonable price

Easily available

Creamy texture

Smooth application Lasting power

Sad Factor:

I didn’t find any 🙂

I would highly recommend this product. Share your experience in the comment section below


Few of the images (already mentioned in caption) are taken from the internet because my product packaging was a bit destroyed because of keeping it with so many other things :(, images with no captions are the real images taken by me.