Kmes- Makeup Kit

Long awaited post, I always feel lazy to write a review about any makeup pallets, since it has so many features, making it usable yet hard to review ๐Ÿ˜€

Today the product I picked up is my long time buddy. It is another a present I received from my lovely cousin and I simply love the product.




When I received this the brand was very unknown to me and at that time I was not comfortable with using the makeup kits. But the colours it had are really cute and attractive and its a complete set that motivates meย forย using this ๐Ÿ˜€





The first section contains three different shades of blusher in top layer, with blush on applicator and twelve eye shades in the other part. The first section also contains the two ended brush one is sponge applicator for eye shades while other is the lip brush. It also had mascara in the empty compartment but I trough it away since it was the most lame product it had ๐Ÿ˜€





The inner of the kit contains four shades of lip colour and two shades for face powder. I literally haven’t touched the face powder section yet not even for this review ๐Ÿ˜€




Swatches for the blusher from left to right as they assembled in the kit. The most left colour is very much coral/peach, the middle one is dark shade of pink while the most right one is soft pink colour. The three variations are really nice gathered, but the blusher are very pigmented that it needs special attention while applying this lolz, if little more product get on ur cheeks then alot of struggle will be required to make it even.





Honestly speaking I dint find any difference in the three lip shades from the left side they are different variations of the same shade. The most left one is dark brownish maroon colour, the second from left is the lighter shade which makes it near to coral, the third one is very light peach while the forth one is very soft pink. The lip colours are very glossy and creamy. I applied them usually on any matte colour lipstick.


DSC07853 DSC07852



And my most favourite section of this makeup set ๐Ÿ˜€ The eye shades are very pigmented, slightly shiny and very easily blendable. The colour pay off is very good, and I love all of the twelve shades.














Overall the set is good since most of the parts are usable :D.

Happy Factor:

Variety of shades

Build able colours

Nice Eye shades

Good lip colours


Sad Factor:

Not easily available

Hard to deal with the blushers

Shades don’t have any name

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Products Used:

Kmes eye shadow section

Essence white kajal pencil in waterline

Avon cake liner

Loreal Volume million lashes mascara (Check Review Here)

Maybelline colossal kajal pencil on my upper water line (Check Review Here)

Loreal- Volume Million Lashes Mascara

Hi all

So finally a post about the my most used eye product :D, I got this lovely product as a gift from my aunt and since then its my favorite mascara. I am not a very mascara fond girl headache starts usually whenever I applied mascara and I found it too hard to carry it. But this one is exception ๐Ÿ˜€




This fat golden colour product is really my favourite, Sorry about its condition lols, its the most roughly placed item.

Well the product really did what it claims for, add super duper volume to the lashes plus making it near to natural.





The brush is comb like unlike many other mascara, it didnt allow the product to jammed into the lashes and giving it so fake look, unlike it keeps the lashes free from each other and making them volumise .












I simply love the results and I definitely recommend this product to have a natural, less heavy and beautiful look.


Happy Factor:

Give natural volume

Don’t look fake

Not so heavy

Easily available


Sad Factor:

For me its none ๐Ÿ™‚


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Sweet Touch- Glittery eye dust in Silver

Hello beauties,

Yes its the most in thing now days, the glitter glitter eye dust that makes eyes look so pretty, I am in love with this since I first saw this but wasn’t sure that if its the glittery eye shadow or the eye dust then in a makeup video I saw that the perfect most shiny look which is very trendy now days is acquire by the eye dust. When I went to the market to bought this I was too much focused on my search that I didn’t pay attention to glitter eye shadows BTW DMGM glitter eyeshadow are fairly good but I want the eye dust look.











The reason for buying Sweet Touch is I couldn’t found anything more glittery than this. These are loose eye shadows that comes in a round box with fairly enough big hole to get the reasonable amount of the product out.

At first when I tried to applied this all shed all over my face lolz. For the second time I used a tissue to cover the lower part of my face and applied the product with wet brush and it was so perfect. It didn’t shed anywhere and applied so beautifully.

The shine was so perfect as I wanted to have and I simply was in love with the final look.







Although the shine is not completely showing up in the picture but I simply loved the look. Well I am not very good in eye makeup but I seriously loving to have this thing in my collection. When I first applied this, I used a cake liner, but for this look I used the gel liner and found it little difficult to apply the liner on glitter, since the glitter particles get stucked in the brush. May be it needs more practice lolz.




The product is not so pricey one can have different shades, there are variety of shades available and all of them are so cool, so trendy.

Final verdict on this product is “I LOVE IT” ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Factor:

Variety of shades

Very trendy

Very attractive

Beautiful look

Reasonable price

Easily available

Perfect for fancy look, party time


Sad Factor:

Little hard to apply but once you get the trick its perfect

Can be a bit messy if not handle with care


Products Used For Creating The Look:

Urban Decay eye shadow primer

Essence 3D Eyeshadow white highlighter as base

Urban Decay Naked 2 Black out

MUA Artiste collection pallete “Grape” (Check Review Here)

Sweet Touch Glittery eye dust in silver

Maybelline New lasting Gel liner in black 01 (Check Review Here)

Maybelline Collossal Kajal in water line (Check Review Here)

Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara (Check Review Here)

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